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digital immortality -- what to do when I die ...

I decided not to become a writer in the traditional sense, but to develop what in retrospect may be called virtual poetry:
you may also look at to see some more recent examples,
these as well as the whole collection as for example under and
where originally developed for educational purposes, but more and more became to embody my view on things, see
and I consider the whole collection of material as what one may call my digital immortality, hence the question: what to do when I die ...

From the indications below, it should be obvious what to do, make sure the bills are paid, despite my dislike of

two domains are of the utmost importance: (see below):
-- -- hosted by
-- -- managed by -- contact:  -- payment is automatic from ING account, approx 60 euro/year -- contact:  -- payment is by yearly invoice, approx 43 euro/year

I owe sincere gratitude to Tia Mitchell,  since she played a crucial role in resolving the problems incurred by a missed invoice, David J. Manley III, for his support in the process of deciding whether to transfer to another company, and his assistence in restoring access to the cscglobal domainmanager, 
and last but not least Evan Boggs, who played an essential role in setting up the subdomain structure of!

please make sure that the invoice(s) for cscglobal are paid in time!

over het domein:

het domein wil ik gebruiken voor
> (partiele) opslag en toegankelijkheid van mijn website, nu bereikbaar via:
> deze site is door de Koninklijke Bibliotheek aangewezen als "waardevol
> digitaal erfgoed" en wordt door hen ook gearchiveerd, echter is om
> auteurs-rechtelijke redenen niet publiek toegankelijk.
> Een harde toezegging van de VU voor permanente hosting van mijn site
> is nog niet afgegeven, hoewel de beleidsmakers (de faculteits en de
> afdelingsdirecteur) enthusiast zijn en hun ondersteuning hebben
> beloofd. Echter mijn vertrouwen in de webhosting van de VU  is niet
> 100 %, vandaar dat ik naar mogelijkheden zoek om mijn site op een
> andere wijze permanent te hosten, zoals bv op de boven aangegeven
> virtual poetry site. Voor meer informatoe over mijn site, zie

an overview of the subdomains for can be found on


motivation for maintaining

as an explanation for my urgency, I want to briefly indicate the reasons for my urgent request to support me in keeping my account secure, that is to help me arrange some form of automatic payment so that the existence of the domain and its sub-domains will be garantueed for the coming (undefinite number of) years.
My website ( and its subdomains) has been elected by the Dutch Royal Library as valuable digital heritage and is archived on their site. The domain and its subdomains is an index on this site, which is partially archived at which I have set up over the last years, with great support from Evan from your support department (in CC).
This site in a way consitutes my digital immortality and is used, so to speak as promotion for myself, that is my current professional activity (as a retired professor in creative technology / new media), as you can see from my recent facebook posts on Hopefully this brief summary clarifies my motivation to set up a simple form of automatic payment so that the index to my site provided by and its subdomains is garantueed even after, yes, my dead, without bothering my wife or children with the details of arranging such payments.