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part iii. multimedia information retrieval

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In the following chapters we will discuss how we can make the various media formats, including text, images, audio and video amenable to search, either by analyzing content or by providing explicit meta information. For video, in particular, we develop a simple annotation logic that captures both the story line and the actors, that is persons and objects, that figure in it.

Essential sections are section 5.1, that characterizes scenarios for information retrieval, section 5.3, that introduces standard information retrieval concepts stemming from text search, section 6.4, that defines the aforementioned annotation logic, and section 7.2, that gives an outline of an abstract multimedia data format.

Section 6.3 is rather technical and may safely be skipped. Also sections 5.2, 6.1 and 7.3 may be skipped on first reading.


Apart from the many technical issues in information retrieval, perhaps the human interaction issues are the most urgent. As possible perspectives to look at these issues. consider:

perspectives -- multimedia information retrieval

  • application(s) -- digital dossier
  • psychological -- focus
  • experimental -- user interaction
  • algorithmic -- (information) access
  • system -- unified presentation space
  • presentation -- embodied agents
  • search -- semantic annotation
  • commercial -- future systems
As you will see in the research directions given for each section, there are many proposals to improve interaction, for example the use of 3D virtual environments as an alternative way of presenting information.

essay topics

For further study you may want to look at algorithms for analyzing content, annotation schemes for pareticular application domains, or the presentation issues mentioned before. Possible essay titles are:

  • searching the web -- searching for images, video and sound
  • finding a tune -- mobile music search services
Since the retrieval problem seems to be rather intractable in a general fashion, you should limit your discussion to a specific domain, for example retrieval in the domain of cultural heritage, and relate technical issues to the requirements of users in that particular domain.



the artwork

  1. kata -- japanese martial arts picture.
  2. signs -- japanese coats of arms,  [Signs], p. 140, 141.
  3. photographs -- Jaap Stahlie, two early experiments (left, and right)

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