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part i. digital convergence

more than the art of turning base metals into gold, alchemy is a system of cosmic symbolism

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In these first chapters, we will explore the notion of multimedia, look at it from a historical perspective and discuss in somewhat more detail the issue of convergence, the mix and interchange of media that has become possible in the digital era. In the second chapter, we will give a precise definition of information spaces, and an overview of the history of hypermedia.

Essential sections are section 1.2, which characterizes digital convergence in a more precise way, and sections 2.1 and 2.2, which respectively characterize information spaces and hypermedia. Section 2.3 may safely be skipped by readers not interested in the philosophy of media and creation.


The topics treated in this part can be looked at from multiple perspectives. When you write a paper about any of these topics, as suggested in projects paragraph, you should be aware of from which perspective you tackle your subject.

In summary, we can in a non-exhaustive way, distinguish between the following perspectives:

perspectives -- digital convergence

  • historical -- media development timeline
  • sociological -- communication relations
  • psychological -- experience limits
  • aesthetical -- dynamics of creation
  • technical -- divergence & competition
  • philosophical -- re-mediation
  • commercial -- what is the economic model?
As an example, the psychological perspective deals with an interesting issue, namely how much information can we digest and what are the limits to our perceptual system that determines whether the experience offered by a virtual reality interface is really effective.

essay topics

The issues treated in these chapters may be used as topics for an essay. As a hint, here are a few titles:
  • digital convergence and the future of mobile multimedia
  • media @ home -- the windows media center
  • media art -- merging technology and aesthetics
For a first essay, I would suggest a paper no longer than 5 pages. If there are technical details that you do not want to omit, then consider an appendix of 2 to 3 pages. For hints on how to approach writing a paper, see appendix 5.



the artwork

  1. alchemy -- an illustration from a book about alchemy, from which also the quote is taken, the quote is explained in the afterthoughts.
  2. signs -- ancient chemical symbols,  [Signs], p. 171, 172.
  3. photographs -- Jaap Stahlie, from portrait series.

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