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      JT's Island Grill and Gallery - Chokoloskee, Florida


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          JT's Dinner Menu
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      JT's at Night
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      <h4>Stone Crab Claws <em>Market Price</em></h4>
          1/2 lb of claws straight from local docks served
          cracked with a house stone crab mustard sauce.
      <h4>Sesame Seared Tuna <em>$8</em></h4>
          Sashimi grade yellowfin tuna encrusted in sesame
          seeds lightly seared and served with soy dipping
          sauce and wasabi.
      <h4>Pita and Hummus <em>$4</em></h4>
          Our homemade hummus drizzled with olive oil,
          accompanied with warm pita bread.
      <h4>JT’s Triple Crab Cakes <em>$7</em></h4>
          A rich blend of stone crab, blue crab and snow crab
          sautéed to order, seasoned with Old Bay and fresh
      <h4>Spicy Coconut Shrimp <em>$8</em></h4>
          Gulf shrimp sautéed in coconut served with our
          spicy peanut sauce.
      <h4>Black Bean Quesadilla <em>$6</em></h4>
          Cheddar cheese, onions, green peppers, raisins,
          almonds &amp; black beans grilled in a spinach
          tortilla with fresh salsa.
      <h3>Soups and Salads</h3>
      <h4>Key Lime-Cilantro Grilled Seafood Salad
          Grilled fish, shrimp &amp; scallops atop bed of
          mixed organic greens with home-made key
          lime-cilantro vinaigrette.
      <h4>Tomato Avocado Salad  <em>$9</em></h4>
          Organically grown avocados and tomatoes atop a
          fresh organic spring mix, with home-made roasted
          tomato vinaigrette and freshly baked pita chips.
          <em>(add shrimp for $1.25)</em>
      <h4>Florida Citrus Salad <em>$7</em></h4>
          Almonds, coconut and mandarin oranges atop fresh
          organic greens with a house honey-orange dressing.
      <h4>Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing <em>$7</em></h4>
          Fresh spinach topped with a sizzling bacon
          vinaigrette garnished with tomatoes and hard
          boiled egg.
      <h4>Tonight’s Salad  <em>ask</em></h4>
          Chef’s specialty salad changes nightly.
      <h4>Soup of da’ day <em>ask</em></h4>
          <p>Prepared fresh daily</p>


      <p class='menucaption'>
          Entrees come with tonight's small salad and fresh baked
          ciabatta bread.
      <h4>Stone Crab Claws <em>Market Price</em></h4>
          One lb locally caught stone crab claws served
          cracked with our key lime mustard sauce.
      <h4>Apricot Pork Tenderloin <em>$16</em></h4>
          Tenderloin rolled and baked with apricot &amp;
          spinach with a parmesan crust and apricot sauce,
          fanned over rice and seasonal vegetables.
      <h4>Crab Cakes and Mango Salsa <em>$18</em></h4>
          Blend of fresh stone crab, snow crab, and blue crab
          topped with a black bean-ginger sauce and mango
          salsa, with pineapple jasmine rice.
      <h4>Red Wine Grilled Portobello <em>$17</em></h4>
          Portobello mushroom broiled with goat cheese and a
          red wine-shallot sauce over linguine, with
          pan-fried yams, apples, and scallions.
      <h4>Jamaican Jerk Shrimp &amp; Scallops <em>$17</em></h4>
          Shrimp &amp; scallops cooked in our home-made
          authentic Jamaican marinade served with pineapple
          jasmine rice and veggies.
      <h4>Yellowfin Tuna in Flambé Vanilla Rum <em>$21</em></h4>
          Sashimi Grade Yellowfin tuna seasoned with adobo
          &amp; cinnamon, seared, and flambéed in
          vanilla-rum, with garlic buttermilk mashed
          potatoes and fresh sautéed veggies.
      <h4>Coconut Sesame Chicken <em>$17</em></h4>
          Chicken Breast sautéed with glazed walnuts and a
          sesame sauce, over black bean cakes and
          stir-fried vegetables, sprinkled with nutmeg.
      <h4>Picadillo <em>$14</em></h4>
          Olives &amp; raisins cooked with ground beef,
          onions, peppers and Cuban spices, atop rice
          with fresh baked bread.
      <h4>Blackened New York Steak <em>$20</em></h4>
          Spiced and blackened New York Strip with garlic
          buttermilk mashed potatoes, a papaya-basil
          marmalade, and marinated mushrooms.


      <h5>Pasta &amp; Tomato Sauce <em>$4</em></h5>
      <h5>Pasta topped with Cheese <em>$4</em></h5>
      <h5>Mini Crab Cakes <em>$7</em></h5>
      <h5>Grilled Cheese Sandwich <em>$3</em></h5>
      <h5>Peanut Butter &amp; Jelly Sandwich <em>$3</em></h5>


      <h5>Soft drink cans <em>$1.50</em></h5>
      <h5>Iced tea (sweet or not) <em>$1.50</em></h5>
      <h5>Home-made Key Limeade <em>$1.50</em></h5>
      <h5>Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate <em>$1.50</em></h5>
      <h5>Juice, milk <em>$1.50</em></h5>


      <h3>Local Flavor</h3>
      <h5>Hot Pressed Cuban Sandwich <em>$8</em></h5>
      <h5>JT’s Classic Cheeseburger <em>$7</em></h5>
      <h5>BBQ Pork Sandwich <em>$7</em></h5>


      <h5>Home-made Key Lime Pie <em>$4</em></h5>
          The best in the Everglades

music & art(s)

      <h3>Local Music &amp; Arts</h3>
         <img src='basic-css-07-Tr-It-Out-dinner.jpg'
       alt='Dinner Table'/>
      <p class='copy'>
          We hope you enjoy tonight's live music. To help keep
          the local arts alive we book musicians from here in
          south Florida. Many of them have music CD's or tapes
          for sale in our shop. If you haven't already done so,
          check out our walls and shelves. We like to consider
          them a gallery of Florida.  We feature local artists,
          crafters, musicians and authors. When you purchase
          something you like, not only are you taking home a
          true piece of this area, you are helping to preserve
          its art and culture.
      &copy; Copyright 2003-2004 Panther's Crossing, Inc.

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