1. personal -- what makes life (more) beautiful?
  2. professional -- how can your discipline/expertise help/assist/contribute in making (digital) life more beautiful?
  3. general -- what is the (greatest) risk of creative technology?


  1. challenge(s) -- introduce
  2. approach/solution(s) -- response(s)
  3. model(s) -- analyze
  4. perspective(s) -- discuss
  5. issue(s) -- deal with/mention

ICT challenge(s) [3/5]




ICT challenge(s) [5/5]

application(s) -- creative industry

computer science(s)

As I leant against the wall the University indeed seemed a sanctuary in which are preserved rare types which would soon be obsolete if left to fight for existence on the pavement of the Strand.

Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own (1928, p. 9)

creative technology -- target(s)

idea(s) -- inpire


first thought(s) -- without thinking

inspiration(s) -- looking around

card(s) -- reflect

Think before you ask! Write clearly and do not forget your name!

approach -- with subtext(s)

random thought(s) -- why always square screens?

    of    <--   personal challenge

  everything else     computation
     is           -->
  subsidiary          interaction

item(s)/hazard(s) -- with subtext(s)

the creative process -- involvement & reflection

       --> unfocussed
       --> subliminal
                attention/awareness model(s)

model(s) of dissemination -- pathology/dialectic(s) of awareness

on the emergence of creative technology

this is where the subtext ends, and the exploration begins, with as the ultimate challenge, to realize a new discipline: creative technology

perspective(s) -- innovation as an expression of ignorance

medium is the message -- the aesthetics of our time

9/11 / performance(s) -- tube(s)

creative track -- starting from 1st year

mechanism(s) -- educational element(s)

control(s) -- layered mentorship

slogan(s) -- do you want to make a difference

de Waag

open source

the world is changing -- twitter

  1. web2.0 (4): everything is becoming digital and virtual
  2. VU @ SL (7): even in 3D and Second Life
  3. climate @ VU (9): but there are serious problems
  4. computer (8): computer science is magic
  5. science (6): but it is not a science
  6. games (3): imagine no books but games
  7. (*) do you want to make a difference
  8. what, why, how (5): people keep asking me questions

metaphor(s) -- towards a new curriculum

knowledge is a (creative?) process

slogan(s) -- creative technology

imagine ...

creative technology -- indeed, language is confusing

instruction(s) / game(s) / second life / communication(s) / mashup(s) / panorama(s) / decision(s)

creative (application of) technology

interact(s) -- interactive entertainment -- facets of fun

art(s) -- computer augmented artefact(s)

computer augmented artefact(s)

application(s) -- my first creative technology application(s)

to enable reading ...

resource(s) -- create