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lib-js-math-calculator-volume.htm / htm

    1.  Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document
    2.  Add the last code into the BODY of your HTML document  -->
  <!-- STEP ONE: Paste this code into the HEAD of your HTML document  -->
  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  <!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
  <!-- The JavaScript Source!! -->
  <!-- Original:  Craig Blanchette ( -->
  <!-- Web Site: -->
  <!-- Begin
  function findarea(){
  radius = document.FORM1.areainput.value;
  radius2 = eval(radius*radius);
  answer = eval(Math.PI*Math.pow(radius,2))
  roundanswer = Math.round(answer);
  document.FORM1.codegenerator.value =
   'A = PIR^2\r'
  +'A = PI x '+radius+'*'+radius+' \r'
  +'A = PI x '+radius2+'\r'
  +'A = '+answer+' \r'
  +'A = '+roundanswer;
  function findcircum(){
  radiuscir = document.FORM1.areainput.value;
  diameter = eval(radiuscir*2);
  ciranswer = eval(radiuscir*2*Math.PI);
  cirRoundanswer = Math.round(ciranswer);
  document.FORM1.codegenerator.value =
   'C = 2PIR\r'
  +'C = PI x 2 x '+radiuscir+' \r'
  +'C = PI x '+diameter+' \r'
  +'C = '+ciranswer+' \r'
  +'C = '+cirRoundanswer;
  function rectarea(){
  side1 = document.FORM1.rect1.value;
  side2 = document.FORM1.rect2.value;
  rectanswer = eval(side1*side2);
  roundrect = Math.round(rectanswer);
  document.FORM1.codegenerator.value =
   'A = B x H\r'
  +'A = '+side1+' x '+side2+' \r'
  +'A = '+rectanswer+' \r'
  +'A = '+roundrect
  function cylarea(){
  cylradius = document.FORM1.areainput.value;
  sqradius = eval(cylradius*cylradius);
  cylheight = document.FORM1.cylinderheight.value;
  cylhr = eval(cylheight*sqradius);
  cylvolume = eval(Math.PI*cylradius*cylradius*cylheight);
  roundcyl = Math.round(cylvolume);
  document.FORM1.codegenerator.value =
   'V = PIR^2H\r'
  +'V = PI x '+cylradius+' x '+cylradius+' x H \r'
  +'V = PI x '+sqradius+' x H\r'
  +'V = PI x '+sqradius+' x '+cylheight+' \r'
  +'V = PI x '+cylhr+' \r'
  +'V = '+cylvolume+' \r'
  +'V = '+roundcyl;
  function resetval(){
  document.FORM1.areainput.value = 'Radius of Cirlce/Cylinder';
  document.FORM1.codegenerator.value = '';
  document.FORM1.cylinderheight.value = 'Height of Cylinder';
  document.FORM1.rect1.value = 'Base';
  document.FORM1.rect2.value = 'Height';
  //  End -->
  <!-- STEP TWO: Copy this code into the BODY of your HTML document  -->
  <div align="center">
  <form name="FORM1">
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif" size="3" color="#0000FF"><b>Enter Radius of Circle/Cylinder</b></font><br><input type="text" size="15" name="areainput" onfocus="this.value=''">
  <input type="button" name="findcircumference" onclick="findcircum()" value="Get Circumference">
  <input type="button" name="findarea2" onclick="findarea()" value="Get Area">
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif" size="3" color="#0000FF"><b>Enter Height of Cylinder</b></font><br><input type="text" name="cylinderheight" onfocus="this.value=''">
  <br><input type="button" name="cylinderarea" value="Get volume of Cylinder" onclick="cylarea()">
  <br>(<i>Make sure you entered the radius</i>)
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif" size="3" color="#0000FF"><b>The calculation and answer is below:</b></font><br>
  <textarea name="codegenerator" rows="10" cols="30">
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif" size="3" color="#0000FF"><b>Enter Measurments for Rectangle Area:</b></font>
  <input type="text" name="rect1" value="Base" onfocus="this.value=''">
  <br><input type="text" name="rect2" value="Height" onfocus="this.value=''">
  <br><input type="button" name="findcircumference" onclick="rectarea()" value="Get Area">.
  <input type="button" name="reset" value="Reset" onclick="resetval()">
  <font face="arial, helvetica" size"-2">Free JavaScripts provided<br>
  by <a href="">The JavaScript Source</a></font>
  <!-- Script Size:  4.15 KB -->

(C) Æliens 20/2/2008

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