Beginning Web Programming - Code Examples

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Chapter 4: Tables

Here are the examples for Chapter 4, which looks at how to create tables for the Web.

Basic Table Elements

ch04-eg01.htmlA basic table
ch04-eg02.htmlUsing the <th> element for table headings
ch04-eg03.htmlTable with text flowing around it
Try it outAn accessible timetable

Extended Table Elements

ch04-eg04.htmlHeads, bodies, and footers
ch04-eg05.htmlMaking cells span columns
ch04-eg06.htmlMaking cells span rows
ch04-eg07.htmlThe <colgroup> element
ch04-eg08.htmlThe <col> element

How Tables Linearize

ch04-eg09.htmlSimple example for how tables linearize
ch04-eg10.htmlLayout example for how tables linearize


ExerciseCinema times