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      <title>Jazz Legends: Miles Davis</title>
      <h1>Jazz Legends - Miles Davis</h1>
        <p>Miles Davis is known to many as one of the world's finest jazz musicians
        and an outstanding trumpet player. He also earned great respect in the world
        of music as an innovative bandleader and composer.</p>
      <h2>Styles of Miles</h2>
        <p>Miles Davis played and wrote in a variety of styles throughout his
        career, from tunes that have become jazz standards to his more 
        experimental improvisational work. </p>
        <p>In the 1950s Miles was known for a warm, rich, wispy sound and was able 
        to vary the color of his sound, pitch. He was also adept in using a Harmon
        mute. In the 1960s Miles began to play more in the upper register. In 1969
        he even incorporated the use of electronic instruments in his music.</p>
      <h2>Davis the Painter</h2>
        <p>Miles' love was not only for music; he is also considered a fine
        painter. Inspired by a Milan-based design movement known as Memphis,
        Miles painted a series of abstract paintings in 1988.</p>

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