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about our original instructor -- retired: 1/10/2019


Hiromi Tojo Sensei started practicing Shorinji Kempo when he was 18 years old. He received his first instruction from Uchiyama Sensei (9th dan) at Soshigaia-doin in Tokyo, Japan.

In that time he also took the instructors' course at Budo-senmongatsko, which specializes in training Shorinji Kempo instructors, under the guidance of an instructor from Shorinji Kempo headquarters. He has 4th dan black belt.

He studied Arts in Sociology at the University of Rikkyo, Tokyo, in which he obtained a Bachelor degree.

In 1982, he came to the Netherlands and introduced Shorinji Kempo by founding the Amsterdam school. This school now exists for over twenty years, and still profits from the more than thirty years of experience of Tojo Sensei.

Hiromi Tojo is also an actor for TV, theater and film. He was co-host of the Dutch TV program Ushi en van Dijk interview SBS6.

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