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shorinji kempo amsterdam

Amsterdam Shorinji Kempo Branch

The Dutch Shorinji Kempo branch exists over 25 years in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. It was founded by sensei Hiromi Tojo, 4th dan. The Amsterdam Shorinji Kempo group is a small but dedicated group of about thirty five members. It counts around ten black belts (of which one is female) and other kenshi among which a number of enthusiastic beginners. The Amsterdam group participates in demonstrations of martial art world-wide.

Reflecting the multicultural nature of the Dutch capital, the Amsterdam group is rather heterogeneous, consisting of people from various backgrounds. Nevertheless, the group has a strong bond of friendship, which continues also outside the dojo.

Hiromo Tojo retired from teaching in september 2019. His legacy is continued by a group of senior kenshi, that together manage the growing collection of Amsterdam Dojos. More information about the Amsterdam Shorinji Kempo Dojos can be found at

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[_] readme photographs WSKO syllabus member(s) ? resource(s) _ # @ !

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