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profile -- A. Eliens

  name: prof. dr. A. Eliëns
  email: eliens@cs.vu.nl
  affiliation (1):
      VU University Amsterdam, FEW/CS 
      coordinator master multimedia
  affiliation (2):
      Universiteit Twente, EWI
      praktijk hoogleraar creative technology / new media
      multimedia, game development, interactive video, serious games, (mobile) AR

current research

Our research aims at studying aspects of the deployment and architecture of virtual environments as an interface to (intelligent) multimedia information systems. Our focus is on the use of game technology for immersive serious applications, addressing, for example, climate change and security in public space. We have developed the XIMPEL platform (ximpel.org), supporting interactive video and games, to prototype scenario-based narratives and games. Current interest(s): serious games and (mobile) AR, see ar.eliens.net

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