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some technical remarks: This calculator works only in radians. (Multiply angles by pi/180 to convert from degrees to radians.)
The syntax is loosely based on JavaScript and a subset of ASCIIMathML.
The multiplication symbol * can be omitted after a digit (0-9) or a closing parenthesis.
available constants and functions:
    +, -, *, /, ^, pi, e, sqrt(), ln(), abs(), sign(), floor(), ceil(), n!, C(n,k), ran(a,b,n)
    sin(), cos(), tan(), sin^-1(), cos^-1(), tan^-1(), sinh(), cosh(), tanh(), sinh^-1(), cosh^-1(), tanh^-1()
    sec(), csc(), cot(), sec^-1(), csc^-1(), cot^-1(), sech(), csch(), coth(), sech^-1(), csch^-1(), coth^-1()
Values can be assigned to (legal JavaScript) variable names. Use ";" to separate expressions.
Any number of calculator textareas can be placed anywhere on your own webpages.
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