deliverable(s) -- interactive visualization

document(s) / scenario(s) / format(s)

  1. concept(s) -- (short) synopsis, with (optional) sketches
  2. requirement(s) -- with shareholders, planning, MOSCOW
  3. story board -- storyline(s), non-linear storygraph, assets
  4. prototype(s) -- partial version(s) of interactive application(s)
  5. final application -- full interactive application
  6. accompanying website -- with application and support
  7. promotional clip -- one/two minute trailer
  8. justification -- explanation of design decisions, reflection(s)
  9. package -- all the material with documentation / defragment your mind


Students will work in groups, and manage themselves. Representatives from the group are required to contact the stakeholders in an early state, and obtain the requirements and wishes, and organise these in suitable documents, using e.g. the MOSCOW division into must have, should have and will not have categories of properties.

In general, each project will result in a series of such documents, that should be part of an online working site, an interactive video (using, which gives interactive access to the video material obtained, a 3D game space (developed with, which provides spatial exploration of the various scenarios and/or animations, as well a clip, that may serve as a trailer. The end result will be delivered online, as a website, in such a way that it can be packaged an put on the website of the person or institution that gave the project assignment. Documentation, must be sufficient for installing and using the material delivered, and should include a justification of design decisions.

In a way

this may seem like a rather constrained approach, that may limit your creativity. Indeed, it is, and it may limit your creativity! But, it does allow you to create products that are really worthwhile, and that will be appreciated by others, and hopefully praised for its creativity. And, keep in mind that working in a group, although not easy, is the best if not the only way to develop your skills and creative insights.

and finally,

don't forget that together we create a great collection of applications contributing to the CTSG, so don't forget to mention that also this project is powered by CTSG.

lens 01 <> essential experience

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... stop thinking about your game and start thinking about the experience of the player:

If there is a big difference between the experience you want to create and the one you are actually creating, your game needs to change ...

play / social(s) / machine(s) / method(s) / cycle(s)