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The ViP system enhances your party with innovative multimedia presentations.

It supports multiple webcams and digital video cameras, mixed with video and images, enhanced by 3D animations and text, in an integrated fashion.

For your party, we create a ViP presentation, with your content and special effects, to entertain your audience.

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The clips below give an impression of what ViP has to offer. However, an essential ingredient of the experience is that the video capture in ViP is live, that is real time. The clips are low resolution, and can be played at 150Kb/s, with Windows Media Player.

The odyssee clip was the first attempt at integrating live video capture with 3D shapes and images. The introduction multimedia lecture uses a coldplay clip together with live video capture. Finally, the ViP promotion demo integrates three live video capture streams, two web cams and one DV camera, with which the demo has been recorded. Due to the recursive reflection effect the demo is at times of staggering complexity.


The ViP system has been developed with Microsoft DirectX 9b SDK. A first description of the ViP system is contained in a paper entitled Odyssee -- explorations in mixed reality theater, presented at the GAME-ON 2006 Conference in Monterey, see reference(s) in game @ VU.


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