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In evolution, walking made the difference between humans and the other animals that preceded us. Standing upright, looking at the horizon, and turning around to look at other directions, defined what we may call our human perspective. Move forward, backward or side-ways, life offers a range of options.

   Finding proper balance, using structural alignment, deploying gravity to reduce effort, walking is a natural way to enjoy the flow of energy in movement, and an efficient aerobic / cardio-vascular work-out, that may be intensified by a transition into a running exercise Look, I sing my song, I want to be happy, I want to fly, I like to be free.

   Walking provides a convenient way to explore the world around you, and to connect with locations and people in space, bringing you from A to B and back, requiring minimal means, while giving you the time to look around and observe the scenes that make up your environment, without the burden of superfluous technology that requires your attention. Observe, don,t judge!

   If you have the courage to go barefeet, keeping your shoes for the moment that conformity to social conventions or weather conditions is required, you may feel the solid ground under your feet, in resonance with the natural force of the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, in short you are grounded, as a temporary relief from your daily worries and pain, uplifting your spirit for a brief moment, leaving our contemporary cage of luxury behind you, as an expression of your identity, as long as it lasts, walking.

  In other words, relax and walk with me, now!


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  1. posture -- structural alignment
  2. column -- core muscle strength
  3. balance -- gravity / reduce effort
  4. listen -- flow / choice / diversity
  5. motion(s) -- forward / eye / distance

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