retreat --

draw(scivic mission frame(s)::  politic(s) / violence / chance(s zen 


 play creative role(s):: ROAD GEM BRIDGE walk

write(s):: look, I sing my song, I want to be happy, I want to fly, I like to be freewhy do you ask again?

media -- modern / battletool(s) / spread(s) / poetic(s) / motion(s)identity / building(s) / etc

writing(s): On the playground. The children don't really need me, my wife is teaching, biding my time. Wow, says a mother to her daughter, who is making a fast round on the carrousel. People are people, that is obvious. And I just sit here, practicing my writing skill. Existential, as some would call it. A survival mechanism, I would say, to talk my way out of it. But there is hope, in one word, if you need energy, then eat!

experiment(s) -- agile(s) / swarm(s) / school(s) / value(s) / social(s) / student(s wait

                                                 it is mind over matter,
                                                 but if you don't mind, it doesn't matter!

strategy -- select / educationgame(s) / screen(s) / impact(s) / war(s) / space(s) / quote(s) / etc


  1. waiting game(s) -- time is money:: calculate metric point
  2. experience game(s) -- we value what we wait for:: love
  3. educational game(s) -- I am not your teacher:: learn
  4. attention game(s) --  time can be given as a gift:: song
  5. authority game(s) -- against tradition(s), stay free:: code


reading(s) -- martial / career / teacher(s) / hack(s) / slow / brain / issue(s) / dilation / topic(s)

(includeadvice to (potentialplayer(s) -- have fun ![]  USC

dream ... as an intellectual challenge, I may ask you: what is the resolution of choice ?
and ... ehm ... another invitation... wait ... slow, slow, slow ...   freedom + co-creativity = utopia ? upside-down / current / cycle / stage  :: trail(s) -- Æ


campaign(sagainst noise::  create / learn / observe / play / topical media