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student/faculty licence: flex 2 builder
free download(s): flex 2 sdk / (en)

multimedia zaal S353

flash CS3 and flex 2 SDK are installed
flash CS3 and flex 2 SDK are installed
flash CS3 and flex 2 SDK are installed

new -- video net & screen capture tools

These tools are installed to support the new course (project) interactive multimedia.

target user group(s)

The multimedia zaal S353 is primarily meant for students doing practical work for multimedia-related courses or projects, and for courses or presentations related to multimedia. Some students refer to this new facility already as the multimedia temple.

beamer & sound

There is a 4500 lumen beamer and a 500W Logitech Z 5500 Digital (5-1) surround sound system, with Soundblaster Audigy 2. For using these facilities, contact the helpdesk.

primary users/courses

tbd = to be determined



14 fujitsu siemens scenico P320, AMD64 3400+ MHz, 1G memory, 80 GB serial ATA disk, 6 x USB, XFX Geforce 6600 GT 128 Mb AGP, dual display, 2 LCD monitors



As software for online flash games (including 3D and physics) this collection of software (all open source) will be installed (hopefully) september 2007.

software may 2007

installed (april 2006)

installed -- nov 2006

Both LightWave and SoftImage/XSI is installed on all machines, but need a USB dongle to function. 3DSom and e-on VUE are only available on a limited number of machines.


Consult any of the following references for updates, workarounds or solutions to problems.


The hardware and software requirements are stated in notitie: update onderwijs multimedia.
Send any comments or complaints about malfunctioning or lacking software to


The multimedia room is finacially supported by the management team Infomatica, and has been made possible by the efforts of Henk Schut, Mikhael Zouskov and Emil Petkov.

A. Eliens

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