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gaming is a waste of time

BrainStorm 14/3/07

Æliens (VU)

time flies like an arrow

time never stands still

X is a waste of time

for X in { gaming, multimedia, ... }

so why gaming

who are the gamers?


time is irreversible

time is irreversible

also in your Second Life

gaming is a waste of time

educational perspective(s)

sage on the stage

guide on the side

wizard in the blizzard

let me take you through this brainstorm

let's be serious

research perspective(s)

multimedia @ VU

thanx to

  • Dhaval Vyas (FEW/UTwente) -- PANORAMA
  • Frans Feldberg (FEWEB) -- SECOND LIFE
  • Pier Vellinga (FALW) -- KLIMAAT GAME

    key phrase: exploratory development


    builders, scripters for VU Festival @ Second Life

    2 days/week, student assistent salary





    gaming is a waste of time?

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