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#js-slogan.cfg / cfg



  <span id=slogan></span>


  slogans0 = 'in every scientist is a (hidden) artist';
  slogans1 = 'craftmanship -- in discovering the rethorics of the material';
  slogans2 = 'social processes to innovate technology';
  slogans3 = 'exploratory development -- to discover the potential(s) of technology';
  slogans4 = 'everything is intertwinkled -- you see/make it twinkle';
  slogans5 = 'creative (application of) technology';
  slogans6 = 'in every scientist there is an artist, in every artist there is a scientist';
  slogans7 = 'application(s) -- in a participatory (playful) culture';
  slogans8 = 'technology to innovate social processes';
  slogans9 = 'imagination -- mixing science and art';


  var max = 10;
  var timer;
  function print_slogan() {
  var i = Math.floor((Math.random() * 100) % max); 
  item = eval('slogans' + i); 
  slogan = document.getElementById('slogan');
  slogan.innerHTML = item;
  timer = setTimeout('print_slogan()',3500);

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