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multimedia authoring -- goal(s)

code: 400440
credits: 6 -- effort(s)
period: 1
lecturer(s) prof. dr. A. Eliëns / [ dr. V.de Boer ]
aim: The course gives a practical introduction to multimedia authoring, in particular the development of rich media web applications.


In the course an extensive introduction to the use of flex/as3 (a programmatic way to produce flash applications) is given. Topics treated include the construction of visual objects, animation, interaction, asset management, positioning of objects in 2D and 3D space. Also the use of images, video and sound to augment the users experience will be treated. Ample attention will be given to the programmatic issues, including scripting and components, needed for the development of interactive applications.

The assignments include a media viewer with annotation editor, and a rich media application of moderate complexity, dependent on the level and experience of the student(s).
form of tuition: lectures and practicum
literature: online syllabus
mode of assessment: practicum assignments
target audience: IMM, LI
remarks: For course information, see www.cs.vu.nl/~eliens/mma

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