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college(s) -- (project) interactive multimedia

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There will (in principle) be meetings two (or optionally) three times per week. Consult the schedule in the common(s) for the actual dates and times.

week(s) -- (project) interactive multimedia

(*) additional sessions on demand
(**) presence obligatory!

rooster -- (project) interactive multimedia (provisional)

some periods might contains 5 weeks, which necessitates an (occasional) adaptation of the original schedule of 4 weeks, by the inclusion of an additional week 0.

essay -- express (y)our point of view

www.writingstudio.eu / write a paper!

Writing an essay, in connection with the interactive video application, gives your the opprtunity to reflect on (the process of) your production, and allows for deepening your knowlegde about (theoretical)\ topics related to interactive multimedia, (mini)games and video.


The recommended subject of the essay is, in addition to the documentation that must be delivered with the interactive video application, a detailled description of the approach and structure of the interactive video, from the perspective of narratives and communication goals. This includes a characterization of the scenario(s), a discussion of design decisions, as well as your experiences with using the XIMPEL platform, where are invited to make suggestions for improving the platform. A brief indication of what issues play a role in writing a paper is given in write a paper!. geraadpleegd worden. Consult resource(s) for information on storyboards.

For additional information consult the following list of material(s).


[_] readme roundup register participant(s) college practicum resource(s) _ # @ !

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