oratie(s) -- tussen mens en machine


  robot chirurgy     virtual reality lab training
           endoscopic chirurgy     
  digital lifestyle(s)      patients via internet  
  • game(s) >> training skills for medicare of the future

prof. dr. ir. I.A.M.J. Broeders, 4/6/2009

robotica en minimaal invasieve interventie

oratie(s) -- things to come


  technological innovation          3th tsunami
            paradox  of  productivity
  future of design       30-50 years maturation
  • game(s) >> exploration(s) of use-scenario(s)

prof. dr. J.W. Drukker, 3/12/2009

design geschiedenis

oratie(s): creative technology -- it's all in the game

_ [] / CTSG / _ / .

  creative applications          web technology 
              interactive visualisation
  game development         virtual environments                

prof. dr. A. Eliëns / Æ

creative technology / new media

play(s) / project(s) / cycle(s)

oratie(s) -- modeltekenen


  doodle(s)       simulation(s)       SimQuest   
         Apply   Create  Evaluate
  model to learn!        computational science     
  • game(s) >> interactive drawing for modelling & simulation

prof. dr. W.R. van Joolingen, 4/2/2010

computationeel modelleren in onderwijssituaties

oratie(s) -- beter weten door beter meten


  changing behavior    COPD     quality of life
         computational adaptive testing
  stoppen met roken        item response theory
  • game(s) >> for adaptive behavior modification(s)

prof. Job van der Palen, 11/2/2010

evaluatie en assessment in gezondheidsonderzoek

oratie(s) -- product-realisme


  human capabilities       history of artefacts
    strategic & operational  procuct plan(s)
  limits to growth: materials, waste,..cultural 
  • game(s) >> exploring limit(s) -- scenario(s) of adaptation

prof. dr. ir. Wim A. Poelman, 8/10/2009

oratie(s) -- kleine signalen van grote waarde


  epileptic patterns  visualisation  monitoring
       wearable brain symmetry index
  neurostimulation  learning rhythms  judgement
  • game(s) >> monitoring & correction -- scenario(s)

prof. dr. ir. Michel J.A.M. van Putten, 10/12/2009

klinische neurofysiologie

oratie(s) -- macht en onmacht der gewoonte


  cognition in the wild       traffic monitoring
       analytical & intuitive system(s)
  empathy  dialog  trust  cooperation  attention
  • game(s) >> to train critical thinking and communication

prof. dr. J.M.C. Schraagen, 17/9/2009

oratie(s) -- filosofie van mens en techniek


  deep brain stimulation   impact of technology
      material dimension(s) of morality
  man is by nature artificial    human existence
  • game(s) >> explore application(s) & ethics of technology

prof. dr. ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek, 15/10/2009

oratie(s) -- zorg op afstand dichtbij


  healthcare by technology   video tele-consult   
    visual patterns     remote monitoring
  ambulant measurement(s)   behavioral feedback
  • game(s) >> explore tele-monitoring & (sensory) feedback

prof. dr. Miriam M.R. Vollenbroek-Putten, 12/11/2009

technology supported cognitive training

oratie(s) -- innovatie(f) organiseren: een kwestie van balanceren


  innovation journey(s)    real life case study
   cycle(s) of growth & decline / patterns
  engaged scholarship          art of balancing
  • game(s) >> scenario(s) for innovation & organization

prof. dr. ir. P.C. de Weerd-Nederhof, 28/1/2010

organisatiekunde: organisatie van innovatie

oratie(s) -- netwerkende breinen


  measurement    developing  brain-like systems
           brain as network / internet
  power laws       short distance      scalable
  • game(s) >> simulation & visualisation of complex networks

prof. dr. Richard J.A. van Wezel