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(project) interactive multimedia

(P)IM -- the Ride / view(s) / skill(s) / trailer(s)

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rank                 group
-------              ---
information          12:  trailer -- drop out or stay in
humor                10:  trailer -- a work parable
visuals              21:  trailer -- the decision
extreme              21:  trailer -- the decision
the best             03:  trailer -- the search for success


The supervisors are not to be held responsible for the content of the (interactive) media presentations. The groups themselves are assumed to issue approproate warning(s) whenever their presentation contains politically, ethically, or otherwise controversial material.


genomineerd Sander Veenhof

genomineerd Winoe Bhikharie

genomineerd Victor de Boer

genomineerd Quincy Dahl

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etcetera -- if time permits

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