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... at some point in one of the first lectures, I asked two simple questions:
  1. what grade would you like to obtain?
  2. what would you like to become, professionally?
The answer to question (1) was a unanimous 7.5, and the answer to question (2) was an equally unamimous "I don't know".
All in all, my first impression of the students was as a non unsympathetic but a bit passive lot, then again at some point I was surprised by the visual power, and even vigorousness of the clips, and less so but still on the positive side by their productions, in ximpel, whith all groups clearly showing that they had taken up the theme of feedback & correction seriously, to say the least, well that is of course in their own way with the usual outcries of creativity and personal hangups.
Rather many of the personal evaluations of the course showed that the students enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity for creativity and, let's be fair, practical work. So although I find such periods quite exhausting, given that I need to put in a lot of energy to get some out, I am in retrospect quite satisfied and found this course again quite worthwhile, considering a change of theme for next year though, which may be summarized as campaigns against noise, for which I already can see the confusion on the students' face(s)!