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  • Jacques Attali -- Noise: The Political Economy of Music (amazon
  • Philip Ball -- The Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can't Do Without It (amazon)
  • John D. Barrow -- The Book of Nothing (amazon
  • Joachim Ernst Berendt -- The Third Ear: On Listening to the World (amazon
  • Joachim-Ernst Berendt -- The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness (amazon)
  • David Byrne -- How Music Works (amazon)
  • John Cage -- Silence: Lectures and Writings (amazon)
  • Don Campbell, Alex Doman -- Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives (amazon) [R]
  • Ross W. Duffin -- How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care) (amazon)
  • Enda Duffy -- The Speed Handbook: Velocity, Pleasure, Modernism (amazon)
  • Barbara Ehrenreich -- Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy (amazon)
  • Douglas Kahn -- Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Voice, Sound, and Aurality in the Arts (amazon)
  • Garret Keizer -- The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise (amazon)
  • Laurel Elizabeth Keyes -- Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice (amazon)
  • Bart Kosko -- Noise (amazon)
  • Daniel Levitin -- This Is Your Brain On Music: Understanding a Human Obsession (amazon)
  • Eli Maor -- Music by the Numbers: From Pythagoras to Schoenberg (amazon)
  • Gareth E. Roberts -- From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections (amazon) [R] ...
  • Alex Ross -- The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century (amazon) [R]
  • Luigi Russolo -- The art of noises (amazon) [R
  • R. Murray Schafer -- The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World (amazon)
  • Anthony Storr -- Music and the Mind (amazon)
  • Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky -- Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony (amazon)
  • David Toop -- Ocean of Sound: Ambient sound and radical listening in the age of communication (amazon)
  • Dmitri Tymoczko -- A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice (amazon) [R]
  • Paul Virilio -- The Vision Machine (amazon)
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