The hush Packages

The hush Packages provide you with a collection of powerful components.

		The Packages


slide: The Packages

With these components you can develop Web-aware hypermedia applications
The hush Packages offer a variety of functionality, ranging over basic Web access, discrete event simulation, business process modeling, cooperative work with chatting, high level access to software soundsynthesis, graphical music score editing, collective improvisation and jamming over a network and virtual reality. And we have not even started. Seriously, the functionality is there, in a sometimes more and sometimes less robust form. As you will understand, we do not have the resources to support the use of these packages freely. But we are willing to negotiate our price.
If you are willing to contribute, look for an example skeleton project directory in packages/sources/project-1.0

Do realize, however, that we owe a lot to our Resources